Green(bean)ing the Thanksgiving table

I would wager the discussion happens in a large percentage of kitchens every Thanksgiving: “Well, we should have something green…” Then, this green item — in the sea of brown, beige , white and maybe orange dishes that crowd the Thanksgiving table (and plates) — may or may not happen. After all, you . . . → Read More: Green(bean)ing the Thanksgiving table

Mashing sweet parsnips for patties

The first time I tasted parsnips — and I’m embarrassed to admit that it was not all that long ago — I was astounded. To say that parsnips are like the freshest, sweetest, spiciest carrot is too simplistic. The complexity of a parsnip’s flavor is far more reaching. Slicing into their very . . . → Read More: Mashing sweet parsnips for patties