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Handling pies of petite proportions

[A]s stone fruits, berries and even apples come into season (their true season), one realizes it is also the dawning of pie season. We tend to link pies to Thanksgiving most often, but it is the heart of summertime that pies, made bursting with fresh fruit in season, are at […]

Bread of the Month: Lightening blackberries with lemon

[I] tend to disregard blackberries. These dark beauties are certainly worth my attention, yet I find myself more likely to veer toward strawberries and blueberries, the brighter and seemingly more versatile of the berry world. It’s not that I don’t find blackberries delicious; I do. Sweet and less tart than […]

Jamming with ripe berries

[B]ack in the day, which is really only an arm-length back, a generation or two, ladies “put up” vegetables and fruits in an ongoing summertime ritual as the produce came to fruition in their gardens and orchards. By fall, cellar shelves were agleam with shining jars of jewel colors, the […]

Telling of two strawberry tarts

I’ve become quite fond of mini desserts. Diminishing the size of a sweet also reduces the guilt, and there is actually ample satisfaction in just one bite. Plus, a mini donut, cake or pie is just so darn cute. I believe this has something to do with the recent cupcake […]

Eating the Heart (out) of Ireland

Let me begin by saying that gooseberries – would you believe – are hard to come by. In my quest to find this rare fruit, I heard tell that fresh gooseberries are actually available in season in the Bay Area at the produce market called the Berkeley Bowl, but that […]