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Bread of the Month: Nodding toward nog in scones

I love the tastes of eggnog…in more than just egg nog. That quintessential combination of cream meeting nutmeg and spice with a bottom note of rum (extract), is appealing to me in any number of things — cookies, truffles and other candies, and in the traditional holiday drink itself. So, […]

Bread of the Month: Going plum crazy

[I]t seems like every summer I become fixed on a particular fruit. In the past, it’s been strawberries, blueberries or cherries. I’ve been fanatic for apricots and peaches. This year, it’s been “plummy,” as the deeply jeweled and juicy fruit began appearing in my mind before it ever arrived on […]

Bread of the Month: Filling the heart — with jam

“The Heart wants what it wants, “ poet Emily Dickinson wrote, “– or else it does not care.” [M]y heart, or at least the scones I made into hearts, wanted jam, and who was I to deny them? Scones and jam have gone together since the clocks could strike three […]

Bread of the Month: Welcoming Welsh Cakes

[I]magine a place where a pancake, a scone and a donut all meet. Well, apparently, that place is Wales and the treat is a very humble-looking yet flavorful little bread called a Welsh cake. In the Welsh language, they are called “cage bach” or “picau ar y maen.” In much […]