Getting corny with a late-summer soup

Whenever I cut fresh corn off the cob (or get anywhere near corn-on-the-cob, actually), I think about my Grandpa Merwin. Toothless, he was undaunted by such propositions as sinking teeth into cobbed corn. When a platter of steaming ears was presented, he simply whipped out his pocket knife, clicked the blade open and began slicing . . . → Read More: Getting corny with a late-summer soup

Rooting for a roasted vegetable soup

I don’t need much urging to head for the soup pot, whether the weather is cold…or if it’s hot! Rhyming aside, soups, to me, are the perfect food. A good soup is filling and satisfying and if the right components make up the soup, everything a body needs is in one bowl.

This time . . . → Read More: Rooting for a roasted vegetable soup

Saving black bean soup for a rainy day

My heart sinks a little every spring. Sounds odd and somewhat off, but when you consider California’s rains conclude in late spring, maybe you’ll understand. There is so little weather here, and the change in seasons is merely by light and feel and temperature, so our winter and spring rain is the one thing that . . . → Read More: Saving black bean soup for a rainy day

Warming the soul with minestrone soup

Sometimes, nothing else but soup will do. As the whole country has been enshrouded in cold and darkness this winter, why not make up a soup fit to fight this foe?

I’ve been spoiled by homemade soups these past few years, as I am fortunate enough to work where a fabulous cook whips up . . . → Read More: Warming the soul with minestrone soup

Hailing the humble potato

People may joke about the Irish and potatoes, but the true story of what happened to the Irish in the 1800s is no laughing matter. If you know anything about the Great Famine, you know the Irish were oppressed on their own land, forced into tenant farmer-hood, working on properties reduced to such a size . . . → Read More: Hailing the humble potato

Springing forward with mushrooms, leeks

Spring heralds with it certain tastes, pushing up like new grass in a warming earth. I find myself craving mushrooms, and I know why. Years ago, our springs were spent in pursuit of them in the wild. While other families played miniature golf, we scavenged the brush- and tree-clotted timber, looking for the gold . . . → Read More: Springing forward with mushrooms, leeks

Looking ahead with ‘blackeyes’

Luck. Some folks believe you make your own; others think it’s out of their hands. I do believe there is a magic — call it luck, fate, what-have-you — beyond our control, a force and a direction that determines what will be. That being said, I also think you have a lot of power in . . . → Read More: Looking ahead with ‘blackeyes’