Paying cabbage its due

On the list (which is long) of vegetables that are underrated, we come to one with whom I’ve had a long relationship. The lowly cabbage, the stuff of children’s stories and children’s toys, the butt of many a “bubble-and-squeak” joke, the bad guy (growing up) for many years merely boiled to bulk up . . . → Read More: Paying cabbage its due

Trusting in a go-to mushroom parmigiana

I’ll admit, I’m a little too attached to instructions.

My sister and I kid each other about this difference between us — she is more of a “freestyle” cook who invents and improvises (sans measuring spoons and cups), while I refer strictly to a recipe, allowing myself a few adaptations.

I can’t always hold a . . . → Read More: Trusting in a go-to mushroom parmigiana

Popcorn and a Movie: Revisiting a ‘Big Night’

“To eat good food,” says Italian chef Primo in the 1996 film, “Big Night,” “is to be close to God.”

And truthfully, over the 20 years since I first saw this movie, I have said, again and again, that my idea of heaven was the kitchen where Primo, played by Tony Shaloub and his brother, . . . → Read More: Popcorn and a Movie: Revisiting a ‘Big Night’

Rooting for a roasted vegetable soup

I don’t need much urging to head for the soup pot, whether the weather is cold…or if it’s hot! Rhyming aside, soups, to me, are the perfect food. A good soup is filling and satisfying and if the right components make up the soup, everything a body needs is in one bowl.

This time . . . → Read More: Rooting for a roasted vegetable soup

Hailing the humble potato

People may joke about the Irish and potatoes, but the true story of what happened to the Irish in the 1800s is no laughing matter. If you know anything about the Great Famine, you know the Irish were oppressed on their own land, forced into tenant farmer-hood, working on properties reduced to such a size . . . → Read More: Hailing the humble potato