Cookie of the Month: Folding a homemade Fig Newton

A Fig Newton is one cookie I don’t feel too guilty about eating. It’s filled with dried fruit filling, right? And it’s not terribly sweet, its modest cookie crust is minimal, so you almost feel as if you are eating something more akin to a granola bar. I won’t dissect […]

Bread of the Month: Loafing beyond pumpkin spice

Despite my love of autumn, I have to admit I get sick of all the pumpkin spice. There, I said it. Maybe it’s more the homogeneous mainstream concept that pumpkin spice represents that is less appealing to my taste.Yes, it’s become the hallmark of the fall season (which, according to […]

Cookie of the Month: Bringing best of everything to bars

A couple of years ago, or so it seems, I saw a video recipe for something that looked extra delicious. The recipe, from Bob’s Red Mill (https://www.bobsredmill.com/recipes/how-to-make/cherry-lime-butter-bars/), featured an almond-y cake type of crust (made with almond flour, lots of butter and lime zest). On top was a filling of […]

Cookie of the Month: Comforting with softness and sprinkles

Nearly every grocery store I’ve ever entered has had some version of a Lofthouse cookie. It seems to be standard to carry these ultra-soft, ultra-sweet vanilla cookies topped with fluffy frosting in an array of pastel colors, embellished with a finish of sprinkles. I’ll admit that I’m neither much of […]

Bread of the Month: Oiling up an herb-y scone

Sometimes, all the planets (or ingredients and time of the year) align in order to make the right recipe. I was recently thumbing through my original favorite scone book, “Biscuits and Scones,” (Clarkson N. Potter; 1988) by Elizabeth Alston. You would think I had made every recipe in the book, […]

Cookie of the Month: Snazzing up the snickerdoodle

My first snickerdoodle was given to me by a primary schoolmate, not much older than I. The cookie was pale golden perfection, much like its baker,  who was, despite her young years, full of enviable poise, confidence and beauty (who later in high school became, of course, quite popular, a […]

Bread of the Month: Growing a garden-topped focaccia

During the last year or so, new kinds of gardens began appearing all over food social media. These garden-scapes have continued to grow and blossom, many of them becoming beautiful works of art. They are all edible…and their foundation? A bed of delicious, moist, dimpled, oily and flavorful focaccia, a […]