Drinking spinach for breakfast

For a moment, I’m going to follow the New Year’s resolution media trends and talk healthy. Now, I know this seems an anomaly among all of these blogs about baking, brittle and bacon (oh, yes…it’s coming), but truth be told, AWS strives hard to be a healthy person. I entertain […]

Guest Kitchen: Following in (peanut) brittle footsteps

My late Grandma Mae called my parents nearly every day until her death in 2008 at the age of 92. Her inquiries were nearly always the same: “What’s new?” “What’s the weather doin’ over there?” “How’s your firewood holding up?” But one of her predominant questions was as much to […]

Faring well in ‘fruitcake weather’

Imagine a morning, a coming of winter morning when you exclaim, “Oh, my! It’s fruitcake weather!” Truman Capote did, and upon reading his story, “A Christmas Memory” for the first time about a decade ago, I never quite felt the same about Capote, Christmas or fruitcake. I was always a […]

Saucing the brightest berry

For those of you who love cranberry sauce and have never made it, I have one question: WHY? Are you so attached to the geometric uniformity of that jellied cylinder that plops out of an Ocean Spray can that you would deny yourself the sensory bonanza of making the sauce […]

Not falling far from the (apple) tree

I am not a Druid, but do feel a special connection with and reverence for trees. I often place my hand on a tree trunk in greeting and wait to feel the vibration or movement it makes in its natural rhythm with the wind. To me, they feel as alive […]

Making a name – with a scone

Long before “blog” was a term or even yet a twinkle in some bright penny’s eye, the name for my blog materialized. It was the early ‘90s, and through what I could have looked at as divine timing but instead considered professional misfortune, I was in a position where I […]

Beginning with a Birthday Cake

Here’s to birthdays and other beginnings. The birth of this blog happens to coincide with the blogger’s birthday. How else, then, to begin than with a birthday cake? Last year, I was shamed out of making my own birthday cake. It had never occurred to me that this was such […]