Month: March 2014

Keying in to flavorful citrus

[H]ave you ever juiced a key lime? You can get blood more easily from a turnip or paint from a marble. Yet, I spent an afternoon recently wrangling with these tiny green but potent creatures, feeling oversized myself, giant wooden reamer in hand, as I violated nearly a dozen limes […]

Bread of the Month: Crossing dessert genres

[I] wanted to feature a spring bread in honor of St. Patrick’s Day, preferably a scone. But my mind kept going back to something I baked several years ago and hoped to return to again. Was an Apple Scone Cake — a layered scone and apple creation — a bread, […]

Hailing the humble potato

[P]eople may joke about the Irish and potatoes, but the true story of what happened to the Irish in the 1800s is no laughing matter. If you know anything about the Great Famine, you know the Irish were oppressed on their own land, forced into tenant farmer-hood, working on properties […]