Month: December 2018

Baked Sunday Mornings: Digging a homemade granola

The timing for making the Easy Homemade Granola for Baked Sunday Mornings couldn’t have been more perfect. First off, the word “easy,” after weeks of holiday cookie and candy making, made my flour-dusty apron strings untangle. Secondly, after weeks of holiday cookie and candy making, the idea of something more […]

Bread of the Month: Nodding toward nog in scones

I love the tastes of eggnog…in more than just egg nog. That quintessential combination of cream meeting nutmeg and spice with a bottom note of rum (extract), is appealing to me in any number of things — cookies, truffles and other candies, and in the traditional holiday drink itself. So, […]

Slicing and baking through the holidays

[I]’ve been pretty obsessed with slice-and-bake cookies for…awhile. Like many things I become obsessed with, I spend most of my time obsessing and not enough time doing. Every Christmas cookie season, it has been my aim to have a catalog of cookie logs in my freezer, ready to go, so […]

Seasoning and savoring a butternut squash soup

[T]ime gets away from us. It was fall, and I looked up and it was almost winter! Before fall closes (and even after the season has turned), I wanted to express an appreciation for butternut squash — namely in soup. Early in autumn, a friend brought me a container of […]

Baked Sunday Mornings: Toying with toffee

[I] was but a wee lass when I started making toffee. My sister, about five years older than I, was in her early days of home ec class (do kids still take home ec class?) and came home one day with some stapled sheets filled with all sorts of candy […]