Scone of the Month: Grating a great carrot recipe

As I move scone-ward through the year, I try to look at seasonal flavors when testing out a variety of monthly scone recipes. The tastes of fall run into spices, nuts, earthy and orange-y colors, apples and pumpkins, and yes, carrots!

I’m a huge carrot cake fan, and while this classic dessert can . . . → Read More: Scone of the Month: Grating a great carrot recipe

Siding with a corny casserole

Every Thanksgiving (or most, anyway), I attempt a new side dish. There are so many, and, as I’ve heard recently, as much fuss as people make of the turkey, the Thanksgiving meal is really about the sides. I love the “auditioning” of a potential new favorite…in the past, this has come in the . . . → Read More: Siding with a corny casserole

Green(bean)ing the Thanksgiving table

I would wager the discussion happens in a large percentage of kitchens every Thanksgiving: “Well, we should have something green…” Then, this green item — in the sea of brown, beige , white and maybe orange dishes that crowd the Thanksgiving table (and plates) — may or may not happen. After all, you . . . → Read More: Green(bean)ing the Thanksgiving table