Taking the cake(s)

Summer crawled along this year, dimmed by our lengthy pandemic status and an early wildfire season. By the time my birthday — as well as that of my blog’s — rolled around, celebrating —  as it has felt for much of the last year —  seemed a bit ridiculous.

The year has been . . . → Read More: Taking the cake(s)

Finding my fun in ‘Dolly’s Doughnut’

“If my life wasn’t funny, it would just be true, and that is unacceptable.” — Carrie Fisher

Sometimes, after a crap-ass year, you just need to have some fun.

That is not a terribly positive beginning (was it the term “crap-ass”?), and I apologize. But I speak the truth in my feeling. Despite this being . . . → Read More: Finding my fun in ‘Dolly’s Doughnut’

Feeding the creative muse

“To feed your Muse, then, you should always have been hungry about life since you were a child.” — Ray Bradbury, “Zen in the Art of Wrting: Essays on Creativity”

Ray Bradbury told me why I am here.

He told everyone, but only some of us were listening. I feel lucky that on that . . . → Read More: Feeding the creative muse