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Cookie of the Month: Snazzing up the snickerdoodle

My first snickerdoodle was given to me by a primary schoolmate, not much older than I. The cookie was pale golden perfection, much like its baker,  who was, despite her young years, full of enviable poise, confidence and beauty (who later in high school became, of course, quite popular, a […]

Scone of the Month: Topping blueberries with streusel

Give me coffeecake — or anything streusel — if I’m given a choice of cakes. Granted, I don’t usually make coffeecake as my birthday cake (it’s not “festive” enough), but if there was only one cake I could have, that would be it. Buttery vanilla cake, laced with layers of […]

Cookie of the Month: Hunting an Irish ‘biscuit’

I can certainly be accused of “procrastibaking” that “practice” of baking when you should (“should”?) be doing something else (I’m also guilty of its flipside — procrastinating on getting baking projects done). But in that same vein, I also fall under the spell of what I call “escape baking” or […]

Steeping in the recipes beloved by Vincent Price

The name Vincent Price, to most people ,immediately conjures something at the minimal spooky or sinister, at the most the stuff of nightmares. For decades, Price (who died in 1993), with his moody ominous presence (in the characters he portrayed) and THAT VOICE that was at once irresistible and shiver-inducing, […]