Tag: Easter

Bread of the Month: Weaving a wish for peace

[O]f all the unrest in recent years, the war in Ukraine has unsettled me significantly. Perhaps it is the timing. As we just seemed to be stepping forward, out of the shadow of a horrifying and destructive pandemic, we began to witness new horrors waged on a particular people, who […]

Bread of the Month: Hopping away with cuteness

For me, the whole “back-of-the-bunny” (aka “bunny butt”) concept came early, at the kitchen table in marathon Easter egg coloring sessions the day before the big bunny arrived. We had our cups and bowls full of Paas egg dye and crayons to create the wax designs on some of the […]

Molding an artful cookie

Life, baking and the Internet can sometimes take you down paths you never expected to go. On one innocent afternoon about a year ago, I was “tossed” one of those random food videos that come our way, generated by our googling interests. Sometimes when these are sent in my direction, […]

Bread of the Month: Weighing in on fluffy buns

[I]ts appearance is simple; its diminutive texture, light as air. Yet the hot cross bun carries a lot of symbolic weight. Originally a little tea roll created to celebrate spring, it was adorned with a cross and — if eaten during the Easter season, usually on Good Friday — has […]

Bread of the month: Rising with an Easter braid

Easter has always been a favorite holiday, between the arrival and celebration of all things spring and all things rabbit, to the traditions of goody-filled baskets (our childhood Easter bunny was a rock star who gave us kites and books) and an egg-enhanced meal, what is there not to love? […]