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Marveling at simple tortilla espanola

[P]robably the most curious item I’ve ever seen brought to a potluck was a tortilla espanola. It was served in a basket, wrapped in a towel…a potato and onion omelette, so firm it was cut in wedges and could be eaten by hand. Having consumed more eggs over my years […]

Curing what ails with custard

[C]ertain things quell a troubled soul like no other. Comfort foods — they have just the right combination of taste, texture, color and smell to bring immediate relief and send all worry and strife scurrying. If I could choose just one comfort food — or one dessert, for that matter […]

Stirring an elegant sauce two ways

[A] few weeks ago, I sat down to begin writing of a delicious hollandaise sauce I had made in the blender, when I read the words of Julia Child in Vol. 1 of “Mastering the Art of French Cooking”: “It is extremely easy and almost foolproof to make in the […]

Bread of the Month: Wondering of popover magic

[F]or a springtime bread, I mused over something light and bright, something I’d long wanted to make. Popovers. They seemed to carry a mystique…they were made with a special pan…the oven door could not be opened while baking or ruin would befall them…they were American spinoffs of Yorkshire pudding. I […]

Lifting the spirits with soufflé

Should the first soufflé you’ve ever eaten be the one you made yourself? Should the first soufflé you’ve ever made be served to anyone other than you and perhaps one other trusted friend? I’ll have to say “yes” to both questions, as my experience with soufflé — long on my […]

Bread of the month: Rising with an Easter braid

Easter has always been a favorite holiday, between the arrival and celebration of all things spring and all things rabbit, to the traditions of goody-filled baskets (our childhood Easter bunny was a rock star who gave us kites and books) and an egg-enhanced meal, what is there not to love? […]

Nogging with neither eggs nor booze

Well, it’s the holiday season, a time when peppermint rears its noxious and sometimes incongruous head in everything from chocolates to milkshakes to pancakes. But before I let you think I’m sounding somewhat humbug, know that AWS really does know how to celebrate the holidays. After all, I am the […]

Keeping the wolf at bay with MFK

Before the Internet, before Food Network, before Julia Child, before TV, there was a writer of food and her medium (Egads!), was the humble printed word. There was a writer whose words were so potent, her prose so swarthy, that, upon seeing her work, publishers decided a woman would never […]

Cracking the code on quiche

I know my way around an egg. I’m not saying this to brag – it’s merely a fact. As an explanation, you must know that I grew up with eggs and chickens (still not sure which came first), so I am at home with both creatures. I grew up gathering […]