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Bread of the Month: Loafing beyond pumpkin spice

Despite my love of autumn, I have to admit I get sick of all the pumpkin spice. There, I said it. Maybe it’s more the homogeneous mainstream concept that pumpkin spice represents that is less appealing to my taste.Yes, it’s become the hallmark of the fall season (which, according to […]

Bread of the Month: Winning with banana bread

I give credit to the pandemic for a few good things One of them is a new appreciation of my sourdough starter, Petrie (yes, with an “e”). He has exceeded my expectations, as I have put him to the test, not just with basic bread recipes, but an unexpected array […]

Bread of the Month: Pureéing mango for quick bread

[I]don’t have a lot of experience with mangos, outside of the occasional fresh spear or using frozen chunks (very handy and yummy) for smoothies. Mango is unique in flavor — it is subtle in both taste and texture, iseeming to fuse together peaches, pineapple, melon and citrus. It’s delicious, but […]

Bread of the Month: Grating the grand zuke

[S]ome of us don’t — and shouldn’t — forget those wonderful souls from our childhood who saw us as more than mere children, who recognized our BEING, which included our promise, our talents, our abilities. Who gave us hope and encouragement beyond the usual pats on the head or behavioral […]