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Scone of the Month: Sweetening with fresh corn

Come August, I almost always get a bout of “cornostalgia.” Never heard of it? I hadn’t either, since I just came up with the term that has me dreaming of rusty tassels, rustling long green leaves, shimmering gleams of blonde cornsilk covering kernels in shades of cream to gold. [I] […]

Scone of the Month: Stopping to drop a maple-corn biscuit

It’s been colder than usual this winter. I’ll use that (or any) excuse to fire up the oven, morning, noon or night. The side benefits of baking are warming up the house (and spirit) and perfuming the air with something good.  [I] came across a recipe in Elizabeth Alston’s “Biscuits […]

Siding with a corny casserole

Every Thanksgiving (or most, anyway), I attempt a new side dish. There are so many, and, as I’ve heard recently, as much fuss as people make of the turkey, the Thanksgiving meal is really about the sides. I love the “auditioning” of a potential new favorite…in the past, this has […]

Getting corny with a late-summer soup

[W]henever I cut fresh corn off the cob (or get anywhere near corn-on-the-cob, actually), I think about my Grandpa Merwin. Toothless, he was undaunted by such propositions as sinking teeth into cobbed corn. When a platter of steaming ears was presented, he simply whipped out his pocket knife, clicked the […]

Bread of the Month: Crafting a creamy cornbread

[I] believe in good recipes, ,those tried-and-true reliables we turn to when we want something we know we can count on. I have a few of these now in the cornbread realm, but, I’ll be honest, when it comes to cornbread, I’m always open to a new variation or version. […]

Debating what makes a true lasagne

[M]y recent foray into ground corn (see previous blog about cornbread) got me excited about another version of the creature — polenta, a delicious interpretation that, cooked up, lends its creamy self to all manner of delicacies. Most recently, I found myself yet again floating toward the television, watching a […]